Friday, January 1, 2016

Ushering in the New Year that is 2016...

How time flies! We just said goodbye to 2015 & are now welcoming 2016 with all the celebration we can muster with our loved ones. And, here I am conjuring up words in my mind trying to sound smart with my new year reflections. Haha!

On 2015:
The past year was a blast! 2015 had been full of firsts & travels, realizations & surprises, and a full spectrum of emotions. With the many things that happened, from meetings, concerts, & travels abroad, to exams, books, & tons of coffee, I honestly cannot think of a better year at the moment. On top of it all, I've interacted with so many people, old & new, from whom I've learned so much over the past year. All I can say now is a big, fat "Thank you!" :)

On 2016:
This will probably sound cliche, but the only thing that comes to mind right now for the new year are action plans & milestones I want to accomplish - in mainstream terms, new year's resolutions. :)
  1. Lose 10lbs. I never thought in my whole existence that I would ever have this goal, but here it is. Age is catching up & metabolism is slowing down.
  2. Read 24 books. This has been a staple in my yearly goals for 3 years now. So far, it's been working well for me.
  3. Go through the 52-week saving challenge. Also on its 3rd year in my list.
  4. Start on that personal project. This is new & something I will keep private for now. Ever since I finished those finance exams, I've been looking for a personal project to keep me occupied. Hoping this will, indeed, come into fruition.
  5. Write more. 2015 has been the year when I wrote just 5 blog posts. To be completely transparent, I do write down personal essays on a private journal, but it hasn't been much. I need to re-start this habit this year.
  6. Engage in more conversations. People close to me know that I hate being in a loud crowd; however, I do love sitting around just listening to people share their stories. I find those moments the real classrooms of the outside world, where we can learn from others' experiences & connect more to one another & our own humanity.
That's it for now! :) Cheers to everyone! Have a happy, prosperous, & blessed new year to all!

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