Saturday, January 24, 2015


As a kid, I think I was conditioned not to talk to strangers for safety reasons. Parents usually become protective of their children at a very young age and probably see any "shady-looking" people on the streets as child molesters / kidnappers. :) Anyway, this led me to think how we actually make friends.

Personally, I'm a nervous-wreck when meeting new people. Being a self-confessed introvert, thinking on my feet about topics to discuss just isn't my thing. To be honest, it stresses me out; however, I've been trying hard to be a bit more comfortable with it. Lucky for me, some people are just extroverted enough to reach out to me even if "masungit" (snob) is the usual first impression my friends have of me. But how much do we really know of one another?

I believe that we can never fully know another person. I can probably name a handful of family and friends who know what I'm thinking of given a certain facial or body cue. But of course, one way or another, we project our best self and try to hide those parts we're ashamed of. I'm not even sure if we know ourselves entirely.


In the process of projecting our best selves, I think we tend to hide the "bad parts" even to ourselves, sometimes leading us to believe that this made-up goody two shoes person is actually our whole reality. This "new made-up persona" is so realistic to us that there are times when we don't even know the person staring back at us in the mirror anymore. It's as if we're lost souls, strangers even to ourselves.

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