Thursday, January 31, 2013


One thing I've learned, being both a management and economics major in college, is that everything we choose to do has a trade-off. Moreover, one resource we often neglect is time. For example, as a student, going to the movies during the weekend means losing at least 2 hours of study time. I often think, 'is this movie worth 2 hours of my time that I could have used for other more productive endeavors?' Or you may think, 'is this blog post worth my 2-5 minutes of reading time?' Haha!

Anyway, I was reflecting on this while I was slowly going through my day. I was thinking about a quote I read about success - that it entails giving up your leisure time, shunning out your friends, etc. (I can't remember the exact words I read.) I honestly didn't believe this quote when I read it. I mean, I think you'd go crazy or you're crazy if you did everything in that list just to be successful. That's around 10 items describing traits that need to be achieved in order to be successful. However, now, I'm seriously considering 'the list.' :))

Don't worry, I'm not thinking of picking a fight with all my friends and living in a cave. I just don't think that's possible. What I was thinking was deferring immediate gratification by not engaging in too much leisure, e.g. watching TV series, reading books, etc.

I'm really starting to get nervous. Regarding what, I won't tell. Some of you know it, but most of you would probably not. Anyway, I'm stopping here because I might already be using too much of your precious time and I would probably be better off doing other productive stuff rather than writing about doing those stuff. :))

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