Monday, March 26, 2012

Graduation Thank-you's...

First of all, cheers to all 2012 graduates!! We made it! Congratulations!

On reflection, I have always said that I would not really have gotten this far without the help of so many people. So, here are my thank-you's.

Thank you, God! I owe everything to Thee. :)

Thank you to my parents, without whom I would not even have the opportunity to go to the Ateneo. They are also the people who encouraged me to follow and reach for my dreams. I just know they care for me so much when they always tell me, "Matulog ka na! Okay lang bumagsak ka, basta matulog ka na!" (Go to sleep! It's okay for you to fail so long as you sleep now!) :)) Thank you!! :D

Thank you to my ever-caring siblings, who are my constant companions at home.

Thank you to all my teachers, professors, and mentors. I have had my fair share of kind, terror, great teachers over the years and I can't thank all of them enough for imparting so much knowledge and life lessons to me. :)

Thank you to all my friends! To powerhouse, especially to Keenly, thank you for always listening intently to my stories. To Block T, thank you for being so accommodating. :)) To all my other high school and college friends, thank you for all your love and support. :D

Thank you to Ateneo! Thank you for accepting me and letting me grow in your beautiful campus. Thank you for letting me meet and know so many people. Thank you for gifting me with numerous humbling experiences that have molded me into who I am today. :)

A lot of gratitude still needs to be said and I know this post is not enough to express the gratitude I owe to everyone. Again, I offer everyone my sincerest thank you! :D To anyone who I may have forgotten to thank, thank you too! :)

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