Saturday, February 4, 2012

School Updates and Beyond...

The past week had been really hectic. I had 2 long exams to study for, a philosophy outline to write, and a thesis pass to finish. Well, I winged my 2 exams, enjoyed reading my research on "friendly atheism," and "enjoyed" thinking about the results of our thesis. In short, I survived the week! :)) I officially have 10 school days left before finals start and I'm both excited and scared. On one hand, I'm excited because I'm looking forward to a new chapter in my life, going to work and meeting new people. On the other hand, I'm scared because I might make wrong choices in my life, i.e. career choices. Honestly, I'm envious of people who just knew from the very start what they wanted to do in their lives and have the guts to actually pursue their dreams. I think I really only want to excel and learn a lot. Problem is, I don't know where I really want to excel in and what I really want to learn. I mean, I want to learn a lot of stuff, even things I don't necessarily like. Learning for me is just a process and it's all good. But after dabbling in so much learning, how does one choose where he/she wants to go? How does one know what he/she really wants?

I honestly hate making choices. I know, making our own choices makes us grow. I know I have to make my life choices on my own so as not to resent others who make them for me. But it is just scaring the hell out of me. I feel like some choices define who I am or who I might become. Sigh... Am I a directionless person?

I hate this. I actually started writing this post just to put a rather cheerful update, but here I am ranting again. So, I better stop. :)) I hope to share more interesting stories next time. But right now, I'm just having some pre-graduation jitters. :))

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thanks mate
jamie dentims