Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Lasagna Cooking Experience...


I bought a carton of San Remo's instant lasagna around two weeks ago. I actually did so thinking that it was "instant," meaning I thought I would just put it in boiling water or place it inside the microwave oven then stir in a ready-made pack of lasagna sauce. Little did I know that the carton of "instant" lasagna only contained the lasagna sheets. :)) Thankfully, there already was a lasagna recipe at the back of the carton. So, I bought all the necessary ingredients I needed in order to make that lasagna and told my mom that we didn't need to go out and eat dinner tonight because we will eat my lasagna. :))

Cooking Process

So, I started cooking by taking out all the ingredients from the refrigerator since a lot of them involved dairy products. Then, I realized, it was my first time to cook actual meat. :)) I mean, it was my first time not cooking "instant" meat (e.g. canned ham or hotdogs). So I asked my mom how to go about it. She said that I should thaw the meat first. So, my cooking time suddenly doubled because I didn't know this. I had to wait another hour just to start cooking. :)) While waiting, I started chopping onions and garlic and opening canned tomatoes and tomato paste. Fast-forward, I was able to construct my lasagna in a cooking pan ready to bake in the oven. At this point, I already knew something was wrong because the tomato meat sauce was too watery and the cheese sauce seemed too little to fit my lasagna. Anyway, I baked it for around 35 minutes. After a total cooking time of 3 hours, my lasagna looked like this:

As expected, the cheese sauce was too thin and it didn't look appetizing at all! :))


It was really sour. Well, I think it was because of the tomatoes. Italian pasta usually do taste really sour. So I'm not quite sure if that was a mistake or not. :)) However, I really didn't like it myself and I was the one who cooked it! :)) My sister even asked my permission if she could bash it because she knows I might get angry. :)) So, in summary, my lasagna didn't look nor taste great! :))

After Dinner

Well, I only ate a little of what I cooked because my stomach was not feeling well. My mom always told me that cooking makes one feel like throwing up, which I think is true. I always feel full after cooking. :D But, look at my lasagna after dinner!

My lasagna was almost gone! :)) This looks yucky though. :)) Well, my mom is just the best. She said that it was just watery but tasted like lasagna. :)) My dad said he was just really hungry. My sister ate a little. :)) So there! :))

Special Meal

As for my brother, he can't really eat tomato-based dishes. So, I made him an instant Mac N' Cheese!

Now this looks promising! :)) Well, I just added water and boiled it then mixed it with a special cheese sauce that came with the package. :))

P.S. I forgot to take pictures of the kitchen while I was cooking. It would have been a lot more interesting that way! :)) Next time then! :))


Anonymous said...

Kami wala?

vampiejen said...

:)) wla ehh... bka magkasakit pa kau... :))