Friday, November 18, 2011

Full Week of Reflection...

This has been the official first full week of my last semester in the Ateneo. Surprisingly, without a lot of requirements yet to be done, I already feel tired. This may be because I am constantly walking around campus looking for readings. 

After a rather uneventful week, I had a realization - I mostly walked by myself this week. With all my breaks and a different schedule compared to blockmates and other friends, I have had time to think, do my own things, and just chill. What I realized though is that being alone does not necessarily mean being a "loner." While strolling around campus, I do see friends I have made through the four years I have spent in college, and it is surprising how many of them I get along with and would surely miss after graduation. Moreover, maybe being alone for some time is a good thing. One, I get to spend my time wisely by doing research, reading assigned articles for classes, and studying in general. Two, I can spend my time with whomever I want to in order to stay connected and be able to catch up with friends before graduation. This way, I get to widen and strengthen my circle of friends. Last but not the least, I have a quiet time to reflect and just think. Our first reading in Theology 151 mentioned that the youth today are afraid of facing themselves so we just drown ourselves with outside noise in order to avoid our inmost thoughts and fears. I guess this is true in some ways. Sometimes, we just want to escape from reality and live in a dream world, but then at times, spending some time in reflection is actually fun. I personally am able to reacquaint myself with, well, myself! :)) And I guess, doing this once in a while helps me stay just the way I am, without pretensions and without becoming someone that I am not.

In conclusion, I guess alone time is not so much as a clue that one is not good at making friends or is not good at connecting to others. Maybe it is just a way of preserving one's self while at the same time, knowing and remembering who one's self really is and staying grounded so as to better connect with others. :)

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