Friday, October 14, 2011

1st Tears, Being 21

I never thought I would cry this soon after I turned 21. Why did I cry? Is it because I'm sad? Is it because I'm afraid of getting older? Actually, it's nothing serious like that. This post is about a cockroach. :))

On my way to school today, my family was going to drop me off at the Ayala MRT station. Then, I saw this tiny cockroach creeping on the side door of our car. So, I started screaming. My sister was then screaming with me and she was the one who killed the cockroach. Honestly, I just get petrified or I run when I see a cockroach. In this case, I couldn't move because we were in fact in a moving vehicle. :)) When we arrived at the Ayala MRT station, I was already crying because I was really scared out of my wits. :)) So, those were my first tears as a 21-year-old girl. :))

I don't know if I have an irrational fear towards the creepy crawlies, but I especially hate cockroaches. I just feel that they are gross. :))

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