Sunday, May 1, 2011


AWESOME!! Hahahaha... I love the movie. I won't dwell in the story line anymore in order to avoid spoilers and what-not.

Personal Insights:
The movie speaks about several emotions, some of which are forgiveness, jealousy, love, redemption, and selflessness.

For forgiveness, this is seen in the movie through Thor's dad. Personally, I know it is hard to forgive. But I believe that in order to move on from any event in our lives, no matter how trivial, we need to forgive.

For jealousy, it is obviously bad especially when taken to an extreme. Loki (Thor's brother) went on to destroy Thor because he was jealous of his brother. Jealousy consumes us and clouds our judgment. It makes us unfair and it makes us do things that we will regret in the end, that's if we ever get over that jealousy.

For love, what can I say? What superhero movie doesn't have a "damsel in distress" or just any girl that needs to be protected? Honestly, any girl watching these types of movie would most probably be waiting for this angle in the movie. :)) I'm not kidding! :)) But hopefully, Thor and Jane will see each other again. On a serious note, I personally believe that love changes things. :)

For redemption, I think Thor proved himself to his dad Odin after being able to learn the right traits of being a good leader down on earth. It is important to give people second chances. :)

Last is selflessness. Thor expressed this when he came back from the earth. He was willing to risk his life for his friends; he was even willing to sacrifice his own happiness (Jane) in order to save his people.

So there. I think the movie is epic! I can't wait for the Avengers! Although, I still need to watch the other Marvel movies. This is actually the first one I've watched. :))

Epic Line: "I need a horse!" :)) Thanks for the reminder! :))

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jakecu381991 said...

arrogance, don't forget arrogance, haha, and btw, Loki rules, hahaha