Monday, December 27, 2010

Hunger Games

I just finished reading this book by Suzanne Collins the other day. :D I have to say, it is a simple story, but a captivating one! :D I finished it in 2 days, both of which I stayed up late just to finish a chapter or to continue reading another chapter. :))

Anyway, the story actually saddens me. The book tells the tale of future North America wherein the country is divided into 12 districts with varying industries. Some districts are better off than others, like the ones nearer the Capitol, which is basically the seat of their government. Every year, they handle the Hunger Games wherein every district "sacrifices" one boy and one girl tributes to fight with tributes from other districts until only one survivor remains. See what I mean? The law is brutal!

On to my point, the book presents a really unfair society. For example, District 1 is very advanced with regard to technology and stuff, but District 12 (where the main character comes from) is very poor. Can't the government provide laws to actually alleviate the state of District 12? Also, how cruel is it to actually conduct the Hunger Games just to remind the people how powerful the Capitol is? It's just too much!! Pitting kids from 12-18 years of age is just barbaric! Well, I think this serves as a warning for us now. That's probably what's going to happen to the world if we have another World War. :(

I highly recommend this book to all readers! It's exciting and it has the element of dilemma which actually forces you to reflect a little about your own life. :D *I think I'm into too much reflecting this holiday season. Hehe... :D I can't wait to buy and read the next 2 books of this trilogy! :D

P.S. Again, thanks to Mrs. Alberto for recommending this book to me. :D

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