Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010! :D

There's barely an hour left before another new year starts. So, I want to bid the year 2010 a farewell! :D

The past year truly had been a memorable one. It was full of new challenges, new friends, new experiences, and of course, old things and people that remind me where I came from. I thank the Lord for giving me opportunities to grow and the strength to conquer all the challenges I faced this past year. I thank everyone who was part of my 2010, whether in a big or small way. Know that you've touched my life and changed my life in some way. :D

For the next year, I am praying to God to again be my rock in everything I do and in all the challenges that would still come my way. To all my family and friends, I am looking forward to new memories and experiences in 2011. To all the strangers that would eventually come into my heart this coming 2011, I'm opening my life to you now! :D To my blog, I'll try my best to update you! :))

There! I hope I've been a blessing to you guys as much as you've been a blessing to me. :D Wishing for a great New Year to all of us! :D God bless! :D

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