Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dianne!! :))

Yey!! Christmas hangout today!! Well, first of all, not everything went as planned. The initial plan was to hangout at my house, walk around Greenbelt, chit chat, and have fun! Well, my dad got sick and I had to accompany him to the doctor since my mom, big bro, and big sis are in Hong Kong. So anyway, we changed our plans and hoped for the best. Hangout place became Seattle's at Gandara (so many memories at that place... :D) since almost everyone lives in the Binondo area and I was going to Binondo as well because the doctor is there. :D Everything actually worked out! The first ones there were Jobie, Jake, Rap, and Scott. Then Dianne made it, thankfully!! :D After that, they went to Jobie's house to watch some films. Wing and I also made it, but we were late! :)) We watched Jobie's films, featuring her family and friends! Special mention to Kim Go, Kerry, and Keen!! :)) Keen, best actress!! Woohoo!! :)) Afterwards, Jobie had a late birthday treat in Tasty's Dumplings. Thanks Jobs! :)) Then, thankfully, Keen was able to make it to Tasty's. Afterwards, we all went back to Seattle's Best and had a blast playing "Killer." Hahahaha... :)) It was all in all a great day!! Hey, I had fun even though my effort in cleaning the house yesterday went to waste. :)) Thank you guys!!!

P.S. Guys, please block out your January Saturdays next year!! Hopefully, Jisi, Pauline, Persey, and Hanz can make it! So, for those with homework and exams, do not cram!! :)) Let's meet up again!! Woohoo!! :))

P.S.S. Dianne, the title is for you!! Prize for your entertainment value today! :))

P.S.S.S. Do I really look that much like a killer to you guys?? :))


jake said...

Yes,yes you do,haha,lagi tahimik ang killer eh,haha

vampiejen said...

nyahahaha... nice one!! :)) *killer face* :))