Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wisdom Lost...

Hahahaha... I just had 2 of my lower wisdom teeth removed last Sunday morning. :D It didn't hurt because of the anesthesia, and I'm in a constant dose of painkillers as of now. :D Anyway, my teeth really are weird. I have 3 wisdom teeth, 2 on my lower set of teeth, 1 on my upper set of teeth (I'm not sure which side though). Then, I have a set of little teeth (I'm not sure if they're considered wisdom teeth) on my upper set of teeth. :)) My best friend and some of my other friends said, "vampire teeth!!" Hahahaha... Now that's funny!! I have a picture of myself and my teeth, but I'll be uploading them some other time. :D It's weird though, my face doesn't seem to be swollen. It is swollen, but not that swollen to be too obvious. :D I think I'm just too slim. :))

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