Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yesterday was a great day, except for the fact that I got sick in the evening. My stomach was not feeling well and I threw up my dinner twice last night. It was awful! Afterwards, I developed a fever, which has now subsided. Now, my stomach is still feeling queasy and I still get dizzy at times. Anyway, the doctor said I'm still under observation because on the onset of a fever, the cause is still not identifiable. He said that if my fever persists, then I would have to get my blood checked for signs of dengue. Hopefully, my fever won't come back.

On other news, the doctor told me not to eat a lot of things because of my nasal allergies. Among the things that I can't eat are: egg, chicken, chocolates, nuts, mayonnaise, cheese, butter, margarine, crab, shrimp, junk food, eggplant, pumpkin, grapes, corn, mango, and beef. The doctor also advised me to stay away from baby powder, lotion, cologne, perfume, smoking, and smoke. On the other hand, I can eat green leafy vegetables, malunggay, lobster, bangus (milk fish), tilapia, hito (cat fish), dalag, lamb, pork. I was also advised to stop drinking cow's milk, rather to drink goat's milk instead. Sigh... I'm going to miss eating chocolates. :(

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