Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Time For Goodbye

I just finished this gripping novel from Linwood Barclay. :D To know how gripping this novel was, I was reading it while I was in front of my laptop, watching some series. :)) It turned out, I missed a lot on what I was watching. :)) Anyway, the twists and turns were unexpected, and I loved that I wasn't able to guess a lot of it or who the bad guys were until the end. That just made me even more engrossed. :D I don't know if I wasn't as critical because my brain's in sembreak mode, but if I were to read the novel again, I would rather go along with the narrator smoothly and not think too much so as not to spoil the surprises. :)) Overall, it was an entertaining read, although some might find some of the events unrealistic. :D

P.S. I'm short with words today. I'm feeling a little bit dizzy from sleepiness. :D

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