Monday, October 25, 2010

What the Dog Saw

I really am a fan of Malcolm Gladwell. :D Although honestly, I liked his 1st 3 books better. I think I didn't get the unifying theme of this book. Hahahaha... It was divided into 3 parts. I was bored with the 1st part, slightly engaged in the 2d part, and amazingly entertained in the 3d part. Hahahaha... :D I don't know if I were just not in the mood to read in the beginning, but that's how I felt reading the book. :D

To give my review, I still think Gladwell is a great storyteller. He tells these stories as if they were crime/suspense fiction materials that get you hooked. :D The stories are very entertaining and the information you get are actually very insightful. He just has the knack for finding key insights on utterly mundane things, which I find really interesting and amazing! :D

In sum, I think it's a great book! I think I was just distracted while I was reading the 1st part of this book. Hahahaha... :D

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