Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emotional Birthday...

I'm not a teen anymore!! Hahahaha... :D First off, I want to thank everyone for the greetings!! :D I have to tell the story of why I am emotional, and it's not because I'm getting older. Hahahaha... :D

I woke up around 5:30 AM today because I forgot to turn my phone's alarm off for my 7:30 class when in fact, I don't have classes today... :D Anyway, I actually forgot that it is my birthday today early this morning when I saw text messages in my phone. I was specifically touched by 2 people's greetings, that's my blockmate Cathy's and my best friend Keenly's. :D Cathy is currently in Singapore and remembering my birthday and sending me a greeting at 11:57 PM (technically Oct. 11) means a lot to me! Thank you Cathy!! :D My best friend sent me her greeting at exactly 12 midnight. She knows me so well to know that I'm expecting her to greet me at that exact moment! Hahahaha... :D She sent me 4 long text messages that just made my day! :D I tried going back to sleep, but I can't. Tears just flowed down. I wasn't sad. I was too happy. Those messages made me realize that I haven't wasted 20 years of my life doing nothing. Being called a "great friend" by my best friend means the world to me! Thank you Keen!! :D

Age is but a number. I think what's important is what you would leave behind you. :D Touching people's lives, just being part of their lives, that's what matters. :D Thank you for letting me feel I've done something good in this world... :D Thank you!! :D

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