Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unexpectedly Great!! :D

Today, I really woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I didn't even want to go to philosophy class. I just wanted to cut that early class badly, but I chose not to. Hahahaha... I think it had something to do with the fact that I've been sleeping late these past few days. Anyway, I was late for philosophy class. My 3 classes in the morning were uneventful. I even fell asleep in history class. Hahahaha... I slept for an hour during my 3-hour break and then tried reading The Phenomenology of Perception for philosophy, but it just didn't make any sense to me, so I read my finance book instead. Hahahaha... Then, I went to political science class. Honestly, I think it is the highlight of my Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hahahaha... A shout out goes to my 2 seatmates, Irene and Grace. Hehehehe... :D I find it interesting and fun. Hahahaha... Coming home from school, I bought a book in FullyBooked Gateway. I just can't help but smile on my way home. I don't know why. I felt really stupid. Hahahaha... Anyway, I'm just happy that this day turned out great! :D

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