Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Movie

Awesome!! Hahahaha... I finally watched the movie, and again, it's awesome! :D Some of you may have read in my blog that I've actually read the whole Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and I have to say, it followed the book religiously with a little difference. For one, if I remember correctly, Greg's love interest in the book wasn't in the movie. She was replaced by another girl, who is really smart. :D Anyway, the movie gave me a new perspective regarding the story. I never really read deeper in between the lines of the book. I especially loved the part in the movie wherein Rowley was forced by the bullies to eat the cheese. I never really thought about the story that way.

Watching this movie taught me some things. One, I probably should really read fiction books and novels more carefully in the future. After watching the movie, I actually want to reread the whole series again. I really only thought of Greg Heffley as a stupid, selfish character before. Hahahaha... Two, it reminded me of why I like children's stories. Children's stories more often than not offer heart-warming stories that actually transcend all ages. They show all kinds of feelings that are just so simple and so innocent, which describe what life should actually be.

Watch the movie guys! It's worth it! :D

P.S. I don't regret watching this movie today even though I really should be studying for my history exam tomorrow. It's that good! Hahahaha... :D

P.S.S The movie actually reminded me of my grade school and high school memories with my best friend. Hahahaha...


The Benz said...

Please don't say "Rowley" and "******" in the same sentence. And Greg's not selfish! He's 'mildly self-centered'.

vampiejen said...

Hi! I appreciate your comment. :D Were you referring to cheese here --> "******"? For the selfish thing, it was just an opinion. I've read the books and I don't really remember the author's exact wordings. However, I just felt that selfish and self-centered mean almost the same thing. Sorry if I offended you. :D