Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Selling An Economics Book, Not a Textbook...

Hey guys!! I bought these books because I'm very much interested in economics. But, these 2 books are actually the same book, different publishers, different title, same content, same author. Sigh... So here I am, selling one of them. I'm selling the white one (paperback) because it's the one I just recently bought, and by recently I mean just 7 days ago! I just discovered that these two books are the same this morning. Sigh... Well, I bought it for 699 pesos, but I'm selling it for only 500 pesos. Any takers? The book is already plastic-covered and it's really just new. I think it's a great book! (I haven't really read it but I've read the preceding book and it was a great read. :D)

Here are my actual copies of the books. I'm selling the white one. The orange one's been with me for months now. Stupid me!

P.S. Click HERE to know more about the book.

P.S.S. Contact me if you want to purchase the book.

P.S.S.S. *Offer is only for people I personally know.*

**UPDATE: Book already sold to a friend! :D**

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