Monday, March 10, 2008

Make Me Believe...

Make Me Believe
Aicelle Santos

Have you ever asked yourself 'O, why life's unkind?'
Have you ever felt so down and helpless it hurts inside?
Have you ever tried to find the words?
Did it ever cross your mind?
Have you ever stopped and let your tears run dry?

Have you ever climbed the highest mountain catched a falling star?
Have you ever searched your soul followed your heart?
Have you ever had the chance to say: 'Speak what's on your mind?'
Have you heard your voice that it comes in the night?

Make me believe that my time will come
One day you'll give me wings so I can fly
Give me hope for now so I won't give up
and pretend that I am glad
Cause deep inside I cry
Make me believe


Will you ever try to understand?
Try to care?
If you keep from falling more each day, will you stand again?
Will you always be just who you are?
Will you always stay the same?
Will you leave the memories behind and face a lonely day?
(repeat chorus)

Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh yeah.

Will you give yourself another try?
Are you ready for goodbye?
Will you show the world you're strong enough?
Will you keep your head up high?
(repeat chorus)

Oooh ooohooo

Cause deep inside I cry
Make me believe

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